Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weather in New York

What is it about the weather. We been experiencing winter,spring and summer all together;in a matter of day. you leave home with a shirt and come back frozen like a Popsicle.aya where is a jacket when you need one. Store owners were confused on whether to keep the door open or closed. I'm confused whether I want ice tea or a hot tea. It's like there's a on and off hot or cold weather button. Hot cold...cold and cold. Our electric bill would confuse you. Jumping around from heater to Air condition and from air condition to heater. Putting away your winter clothes becomes a very difficult process. Good luck to all. Don't be surprised if it snows in June!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Dear Brother-family inspiration

It hurts everyday
and heals everyday
I'm forced to go on without you
because fate froze your clock

My dear brother

My time is still ticking
And every tick is your presence in my heart
Your image only escapes me in sleep
But i await the day i dream your handsome face

My dear brother

I miss you every second that go by
Everything about you flows in my mind...
...all day...everyday

My dear brother

My tear is not the only one that falls for you
You should've seen the strangers that brokedown just like me
It's beyond their words that amazed what i saw
It's their eyes pouring tears that burned their mood

My dear brother

They loved you and left roses to decorate their love for you
They miss you dearly and wish for the world to bring you back
I feel their screams that shout the anger in them
because we all hate the way they took you from us

My dear brother

It's like brutal claws that ripped through our chest
We're kept alive to feel every wound that bleeds...
...over and over again

My dear brother

We expected more to come and there they came
Three violent swords to shatter our brain
We couldnt move as fate froze us in place
The pains flew to silience our happiest space
we couldnt run, it entered from all doors
It drowned our bodies to force itself from all pores
and there we are pinned to grounds of steel
Our disbelief is gone cuz everything is real
Our bodies explodes blood, creating rain
It runs across the ground like a moving train
It's free and we wish we're as free
We're pinned and that's how things are going to be
This is it for now till a new seed starts to grow
Day by day our healing will begin to show
We know our lost one wants us to move on
I promise your presence will never be gone

............I love you Nabil...........
 We're only physically apart

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

He didnt even resist, but you had to shoot my brother?

Family is together no matter what. When my uncle got sick, my brother went to North Carolina (Farmville) to help him out in our store so he can rest. Life can be unpredictable. Just before closing three murderous people came in. They came to rob the store, but also had the intent to kill. What kind of hearts these people carry?! They took three lives; my brother, my cousin and a worker. I will attach an the article, if anyone knows of these robbers please report it because justice needs to be done.

Why would you shoot my brothers? Why couldnt you just take the money and go? You have to live with this the rest of your life! You get to remember it every day and you wont ever forgive yourself. I hope such scene stays in your mind and keep you restless the rest of your lives. My brother Nabil worked with us in Queens, New York and was loved by many here. They cry for him the same way i cry for him. We will miss you so much bro. I dont think it has clicked with me yet, but when it does, i dont think i will be alright. I love you so much! i love you so much! There is nothing i can but pray for you brother. I thank god for what ever has come our way. May god grant all of us patience at heart and rest you in peace. You're with me in every moment because i can never ever forget your lively spirit. You truly knew how to make everyone happy and how to take of them. There's a scar in our heart and i dont know if it'll ever be repaired. I love you so much brother!

Here's an article by Shannon Keith from The Daily Reflector: