Friday, May 4, 2012

Do we need money? Daniel Suelo don't think so!

The question is asked if we need money and whether money brings us happiness. A lot of people would say that we don't need money to be happy but we need it to survive. Daniel Suelo, a 51 year old penniless dude, disagrees all the way...everyday. This person gave up a life style that involved money. He wants nothing to do with it. So much headaches are definitely gone! No bills, no cell phone, no credit cards, no loans...NOTHING! What did he do? He decided to move to nature! He lives in a cave in Maoh, Utah. bye bye to mortgage! Bye bye electricity because the sun feels a lot better. What about food? Well, he turned his clock hundreds of years back and he is running a hunting journey for food. If he hated bugs once upon a time, now he doesn't. This individual took it upon himself to be literally free. So if you want to contact him, I'm afraid an email or a text won't work. Not this guy. You got to go to his location and find him. You better pray you don't be one his meal. I do admire this guy though because he defined a dream and made it a reality regardless of the outcome or how we feel about it. Now ask yourself a question, when was the last time you kept a resolution?


  1. Not impossible, you need property (land) with a home everything paid for and running water.
    If you have a tenant living there they can pay for the taxes. Running water can keep a cool room temp. through summer, hand made candles for light just like back in the early 1900's. etc.. But, really still need money or be able to trade.

    1. hahah that's true. But this guy took this really seriously and he has been living by it. It's crazy but not impossible. I personally not prefer his kind of life but the lesson is if you have a dream, it's not impossible to accomplish.