Monday, March 19, 2012

9 year old gives birth to a baby?

Wow. What is the world coming to. A 9 year old girl gives birth? 
It was reported by a Chinese newspaper. The incident happened in north-east China, where the unidentified girl gave birth to a baby boy by Caesarean section. She gave birth in a hospital in Chanchun; the baby was 6 pound and pretty darn healthy too! Sadly they dont know who the father is but according to laws in such province, having sex with a minor under 14 years of age is considered rape.

 A baby raising a baby! At such a young age, where should your thoughts be? It shouldnt be worrying about your sick baby or how do i feed this baby? Who ever did this to her is a sick-minded person that should be severely punished and made as an example to people!

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  1. That's sad thing to see but that's what happen when a girl is sold as posititute. Their basically used and thrown away, and the girl have suffer the after effects of raising the baby.