Monday, March 26, 2012

"I'm Not Just Powerful, I'm P90X Powerful"

A mirror i see
The reflection is me
I'm in a prison that i need to flee
My ultimate goal is set myself free

Here i am vicious for the mission
I'm powerful and full of ambition
It's time to update my body to a new edition
My goals are aimed high for a new tradition

Wait 90 days and i'll surprise you with my transition
After 3 months you'll think i'm the greatest magician
I'll be walking the streets with their eyes staring in suspicion
That's right, the weight is gone thanks to good nutrition

I brought myself together to defeat the competition
I'm never ever going back to my previous condition
Those were the days that i have partition
Today i stand tall with a new definition

A mirror i see
The reflection is me
I was in prison but escaped in 1..2..3
Ladies and Gentlemen, we are finally FREE!!!

-Saleh Mugannahi (zal yey)

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