Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pay It Forward Positive Psychology project

So here we are on a new mission for our positive psychology class.
Our mission: To walk up to the world and become a giver! We were assigned to come up with an idea that would contribute to the well being of society; even if it is very small. The whole idea is to be generous. We went around 23rd street Manhattan giving out hand wipes, pocket tissues and a nice colorful note that said, "Spread love...Not it forward." It was a really nice thing to do because we were able to achieve smiles from a lot of people. Those that did rejected us didnt get our gift but they gave us a laugh because we thought their reaction was funny. For our second part of the video clip, we went back to our college (Baruch College) and i had the chance to use our college's mascot. The fun we had was incredible. It felt fun giving something without wanting anything in exchange for it. It's beautiful and WE should do it more often. As a memory, it's something to worth remembering! This can even be a family project. Plan it. Organize it. Do it!

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  1. If everyone was able to think like u then there wouldn't be any crime, yet there is and not everyone is friendly like the people u me.