Tuesday, April 3, 2012

He didnt even resist, but you had to shoot my brother?

Family is together no matter what. When my uncle got sick, my brother went to North Carolina (Farmville) to help him out in our store so he can rest. Life can be unpredictable. Just before closing three murderous people came in. They came to rob the store, but also had the intent to kill. What kind of hearts these people carry?! They took three lives; my brother, my cousin and a worker. I will attach an the article, if anyone knows of these robbers please report it because justice needs to be done.

Why would you shoot my brothers? Why couldnt you just take the money and go? You have to live with this the rest of your life! You get to remember it every day and you wont ever forgive yourself. I hope such scene stays in your mind and keep you restless the rest of your lives. My brother Nabil worked with us in Queens, New York and was loved by many here. They cry for him the same way i cry for him. We will miss you so much bro. I dont think it has clicked with me yet, but when it does, i dont think i will be alright. I love you so much! i love you so much! There is nothing i can but pray for you brother. I thank god for what ever has come our way. May god grant all of us patience at heart and rest you in peace. You're with me in every moment because i can never ever forget your lively spirit. You truly knew how to make everyone happy and how to take of them. There's a scar in our heart and i dont know if it'll ever be repaired. I love you so much brother!

Here's an article by Shannon Keith from The Daily Reflector:



  1. god bless them and inshlla they go to haven..... as for the murders they will get what they desirve one day or the other and we the people will have justis because that could have happend to anyone. i give my best regards to the familly and let them know that yes there bodys left us, but we still in our harts.

  2. From God we Came, To God we Return. May they rest in peace. My Brother is Gaber Alawi and was one of the victims. May he and his two cousins rest in peace.